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PERforM Training Resources for Agencies

The Division of Personnel offers a comprehensive training program on the appraisal process to provide Raters and Reviewers with information about the purpose and phases of the PERforM system and the employee performance cycle (performance planning, observation and documentation, and appraisal).  

The training program helps Raters and Reviewers guide, develop and evaluate employees by:

  • Exploring how the appraisal process and the PERforM system can be used to develop employees and achieve organizational results.
  • Reviewing each phase of the employee performance cycle to determine how the PERforM system and other related techniques and strategies can improve individual effectiveness as a "Rater" and/or "Reviewer."
  • Providing strategies to develop, communicate, and evaluate key performance objectives for employees.

The resources listed below provide the foundation for PERforM training: 

PERforM Training Environment

A training environment is also available to assist agencies in training new supervisors on the use of PERforM. The training environment (primarily designed to be used by agency trainers during PERforM training sessions) consists of manufactured data for a typical Rater/Reviewer scenario (i.e., someone who is both a rater and who also approves/disapproves appraisals). Information about the training environment is available at the following link:

PERforM Training Environment User Instructions

To learn more about PERforM training resources, contact the Division of Personnel at Persmail@oa.mo.gov.